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Salmon are medium-large fish from the salmonidae family. Today salmon is one of the most highly prized fish for food. Its orange-pink to dark red meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It can be eaten raw, boiled, fried or smoked. It transparent orange-coloured roe is traded as “salmon caviar” or “chum caviar”, ideally from the chum salmon, one of five Pacific salmon species.

The wild growing Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar) is one of the last purely natural, uncontaminated fish species on earth. It grows for 4 to 5 years completely free, naturally and healthily in the clean, clear waters of the Northern Atlantic around Greenland. Wild salmon is very rare at not even one percent of farmed salmon although demand is growing constantly. Ireland, thanks to its clean, intact rivers for spawning, is the only country in Europe to still have significant stocks of wild salmon. Amateur anglers usually catch wild salmon off the West Irish coast when they return to their home rivers after a long journey. Wild salmon catches are state sanctioned and limited in terms of size; this is constantly monitored at catch locations.

Salmon are also grown in so-called aquacultures as the demand for wild salmon cannot be covered and wild fish stocks must be managed responsibly. Much has changed in recent years when it comes to aquaculture. So hardly any antibiotics - if any at all - are still in use. The fish food used is sustainably produced and subject to ongoing strict controls. The habitats (space) in the aquacultures has improved significantly. Mass husbandry is no longer used.

Salmon products:
Wild sockeye salmon, marinated wild salmon, salmon (natural and marinated), salmon fillet


Tuna covers eight different types of salt water predator fish that can grow up to 5m long. It is an important food fish. It is characterized by large amounts of particularly good quality protein, up to 21g/100g, which is easily processed by the body. With 0.8 g of fat per 100 gram it is also very lean.

Many know fillets of tuna from the can but it is also eaten raw and grilled by many. Tuna stands out due to its intensive red colour. On contact with air the meat turns brown, which also indicates how fresh the fish is. Fresh tuna is a delicacy and is used raw to prepare sushi and sashimi.

Tuna products:
Tuna, tuna fillet, tuna steak


Trout (salmo trutta) is a member of the salmon family. Trout is found around the world, in the Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic, from Spain to Iceland and Western Russia as well as many neighbouring rivers and lakes in Europe. The species was also introduced by people to the rest of Europe, North and South America, Africa, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They are classified as sea, lake and river trout. Some live in open water. But the majority of this popular type of fish is farmed.

Trout is very fine and gentle in terms of taste, giving it the reputation of being a very popular food fish. The bones can be removed easily. Trout contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and iodine. Trout fat is healthy and they also contain large quantities of easily digestible protein.

Trout products:
Trout, trout fillet, grill and oven trout


The royal seabream or gilthead belongs to the seabream family that is found in the Mediterranean and warm, moderate coastal waters. The slightly rounded head shape and golden band between the eyes is characteristic for the fish, which is about 70 centimetres long. The more intensive the shine on the band, the fresher the fish.

Seabream meat is firm, lean and very tasty. It is very rich in protein and contains many important minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Seabream is popular grilled or fried but is also well-suited as an ingredient in sushi or sashimi. It is important to lightly score the skin of the fine fish before grilling or frying so that is stays whole.

Wild seabream stocks are at risk so it is not wrong to fall back on fish from ecologically operated aquacultures.

Seabream products:
Natural seabream, seabream with herds, seabream fillet


Cod is a sea fish that is distributed across parts of the Northern Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. It is a very important and popular food fish. Cod are relatively large fish and reach up to 1.45m in length weighing at over 45 kilograms.

Cod has an appealing taste and is characterised by a particularly loose meat structure with a very low percentage of fat. It also contains a lot of trace elements and minerals (fluoride, selenium and iodine). There are many different ways to deliciously prepare cod.

Cod products:
Cod, cod fillet


Char belong to the salmon fish family. Fresh water fish that are found in nearly all areas of the northern hemisphere, especially in lakes. Char are excellent food fish. They demand high environmental conditions when farmed. Farming is similar to trout whereby char is the higher quality fish.

Char is considered to be a fish with very refined, fine red flesh; the bones are easily removed. Char has less fat than salmon and trout. Briefly poached or slightly fried, it is the only fresh water fish in the world that can hold its own in the face of the kings of the sea: turbot and sole.

Char products:


Carp is one of the most familiar European fish species and belongs to the carp family. Since ancient times it has been a popular fish for food that is frequently farmed in lakes and has also been introduced in numerous countries around the world. When fully grown carp for food are around 1kg and can be up to 35 centimetres long. In open water carp can grow up to 1m in size.

Carp are popular food fish that are particularly loved in Germany and Austria not just for Christmas and New Year but now also enjoy high demand throughout the year. Carp is frequently boiled but also baked and grilled to make a real pleasure.

The taste and consistency of carp varies strongly with the growing conditions and food used (grain, maize, soya, pellets). In addition to the correct preparation, the water quality in the last few days before slaughter is particularly important.

Carp products:
Natural carp

MAP products: Seabream whole, with mixed herbs; trout whole, natural; salmon fillet with skin, marinated and salmon fillet with skin, natural (As an excerpt from our range).